About Dr Patrick English

Dr Patrick English: Political Pollster at YouGov.

Patrick is a political pollster with YouGov.

His work at YouGov involves managing and fielding surveys for clients, carrying out research into British politics and public opinion, and writing stories using YouGov data for web and print media publication.

Patrick is also an Honorary Lecturer at the University of Exeter, and a Visiting Fellow at LSE.

Previously, he was a Lecturer in Data Analysis at the Exeter Q-Step Centre. He taught programming, coding and data analysis methods for social science research at undergraduate level.

Patrick continues his academic research, and his interests surround the politics of ethnic minority and immigrant origin groups: specifically their descriptive representation, policymaking concerning their rights and integration, and public opinion. He uses a variety of methodological techniques and contributes to onging methodological debates on the measurement of public opinion and time series analysis.

Patrick is also a consultant psephologist, and works annually on BBC Election programmes as part of the exit poll and results analysis team led by Professor Sir John Curtice.

YouGov Writers Page:


Exeter Honorary Staff Page:



Research Manager, YouGov
(2021 – Present)

Lecturer in Data Analysis, University of Exeter
(2018 – 2021)

BBC Elections Psephologist (and Exit Poll Analyst)
(2015 – Present)

Owner and Director at PME Consulting Ltd
(2016 – Present)

Post-Doctoral Research Associate, Sheffield Methods Institute

Post-Doctoral Researcher, Institute for Social Research Oslo

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