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Below is a short summary of some recent instances where either I or my work has featured in the media, in reports, or in social media discussion by stakeholders and interested parties.

As well as the specific moments or events listed below, I frequently appear in press and on radio to comment on developing stories and editorial/opinion pieces. This archive started from 2019, and so does not include other high-impact activities such as 2015 and 2017 Exit Polls and General Election coverage.

YouGov Political Research – 2021

As part of my role at YouGov, I write and publish a number of research articles commenting on issues of public opinion and perceptions about politics.

These articles are published on my YouGov writers page: and are also often picked up by the media.

To date in 2021, I have represented YouGov in print and broadcast media talking about stories ranging from the local elections to public opinion about scandals and ministerial lobbying.

US Presidential Election – 2020

Ahead of the US Presidential Election in 2020, I produced a forecast of the election result in each state at which drew a lot of attention from commentators, analysts, and British media. I conducted several interviews with BBC Radio stations on the election and my forecast model.

The model was highly successful, correctly predicting the winner in 48/50 states. After the event, I was invited by William Kedjanyi to comment on the election and the way in which research and probability is used to forecast as part of Star Sports’ expert interview series.

Immigration opinions – 2020

My research on how British public opinion on immigration has changed from 1983 to present day attracted attention across media outlets and personalities, including a write up by Guido Fawkes and avid public debate and discussion by Douglas Carswell (former MP) and Nick Robinson (BBC).

The research (and the 2018 version) was also picked up by publishers and groups working in knowledge exchange outside of academic contexts, such as Relocate Global and The New European.

I wrote a follow-up Blog post for LSE Politics and Policy to my 2018 article exploring the same topic.

British General Election – 2019

My involvement in media coverage of the British General Election 2019 was extensive and wide ranging. As well as the forecasting elements to my contribution detailed below, my role as a BBC psephologist generated much attention and impact.

As well as helping to deliver the joint BBC/Sky/ITV Exit Poll, I also worked on the overnight coverage for the BBC election programme and wrote up the BBC’s analysis alongside my exit poll colleagues (Professor Sir John Curtice, Professor Steven Fisher, Professor Rob Ford, Dr Jouni Kuha, and Dr Jon Mellon).

In the run up to the election, I provided commentary and content for many different media outlets in the UK, including BBC local radio stations, papers such as the Telegraph and the Huffington Post, and other publications such as Buzzfeed and the UK in a Changing Europe blog.

My work also had an international impact, with TV appearances on Euronews TV and comments in the New York Times, among many others.

British General Election Forecasting – 2019

For the 2019 General Election, I teamed up with my former PhD colleague Jack Bailey to produce the Bailey and English General Election forecast model.

The model was hosted on University of Exeter servers and presented to the public using Shiny applications I developed.

Interest in the forecast was exceptionally high, and the predictions and figures we generated were included in debates and discussions, blogs, and other polling prediction models throughout the campaign.

European Parliament Elections – 2019

The 2019 European Parliament Elections were not planned to occur in the United Kingdom, owing to Brexit. However, when the Government eventually admitted that they would have to take place, it was a major political event but one for which not much planning was done.

In the absence of Professor Rob Ford, I stepped up to lead the data analysis and results processing side of the BBC Election coverage team.

I provided commentary, predictions, and insights into the (somewhat) surprise elections for outlets such as the LSE Politics and Policy Blog and the BBC Online service, and in international publications stretching from Ghana and Egypt to France.

Local Elections – 2019

The Local Elections marked a big step up in my presence and prominence in UK election commentary. As I have done since 2015, I formed part of the BBC’s team led by Professor Sir John Curtice to analyse the results and their implications as they came in overnight.

In my capacity as a psephologist and elections analyst, I made TV appearances on Euronews TV, spoke on BBC Radio stations across the South West, was interviewed for publications such as The Economist and the Huffington Post, and was quoted in The Guardian and BBC Online, among others.

Diversity of MPs and Candidates

One of my main streams of research concerns ethnic diversity among candidates and parliamentarians, and the impacts that lack of diversity may have on engagement and representation in policy making for marginalised communities in Britain.

My work into these topics has fed into research, news articles, and policy briefings over recent years including for the Equalities and Human Rights Commission, the Guardian, and Democracy Club.

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