Publications Portfolio

Below are a list of my current academic publications. My work covers topics ranging from ethnicity and race in the House of Commons, political party behaviour, public opinion, methodology, and British elections.

High Rejection, Low Selection

Analysis of candidate and public opinion data from 1997 to 2019 shows ethnic minorities are avoided for selection in competitive seats where local attitudes are less liberal.

Visible, Elected, but Effectively Nominal

Research from my PhD on career pathways and leadership opportunities for ethnic minority British MPs.

General Election 2017 Analysis

Book chapter with Professor Sir John Curtice, Professor Stephen Fisher, and Professor Rob Ford on the results of the 2017 General Election.

The its.analysis R Package

An R package for analysing time series data where observation numbers are limited. Package is available on CRAN.

Visibly Restricted

Research from my PhD on how local contexts of public opinion about immigration hold back opportunities for ethnic minority MPs to get elected.

Responsiveness and the Macro-Origins of Immigration Opinions

Research using PhD data on how local publics across three different countries change their views about immigration as actual immigration rates vary over time.

Convergence on Crisis?

Research from the LIVEWHAT project investigating how the Labour and Conservative Parties framed their discussion of the economic crisis.

Neoliberal Narrative in Times of Economic Crisis

Research from the LIVEWHAT project showing how neoliberal discourses were prominent in discussions of the crisis among political, market, and civil society actors.

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